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Fuels from Agriculture in Communal Technology

Parties represented

The following parties are represented in the FACT Foundation:

NLEindhovenEindhoven University of Technologyprof. Kees Daey Ouwenschairman ad-interim
INBangaloreSuTRAprof. Udipi Shrinivasasteering committee member
DKHurup ThyFolkecenter for Renewable EnergyNiels Ansųsteering committee member
NLEindhovenDiligent Energy SystemsRuud van Ecksteering committee member
NLVeldhovenARRAKISJan de Jongh M.Sc.project organisation
NLVoorthuizenRR energyWinfried Rijssenbeek M.Sc.project organisation
NLEindhovenDiligent Energy SystemsThijs Adriaans M.Sc.project office

This summary is to be extended in the course of time. If your organisation is not mentioned in this list, and you have good projects on vegetable oil as a fuel, please get into contact with the project office.

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